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K-9 Choice Raw food

Bits & Bites Pet Station on Mcphillips sells K-9 choice raw foods.
The meat is all naturally raised free range. The food is all tripple ground, mixed with raw bones, garlic,carrots, celery...etc, then flash frozen.
The choices are Chicken, Beef, Buffalo, LLama, as well as raw bones, tripe, pancreas, heart....... Lots of choices for which ever protein is best for your dog, or if your's are like mine, we get the assorment allowing for each type of protein.
There is no mess, my guys love the frozen blocks. Cant tell you how crazy they are for the tripe. As far as cost, I was buying top quality kibble, and the raw is really not that much more. They are healthier, and a heck of a lot happier.

Check out the website for yourself.
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