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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Oooo...that's a toughie with the neighbor. I suppose you could tell her that you've heard stories of dogs getting stolen, so you've decided to put a padlock on the gate and apologize to her because she'll no longer be able to come in the yard to say "hi". That way, she can still stop by and make nice-nice through the fence, but maybe not get them so upset when she leaves that they wake up DH? And even if they still wake him up, at least the pups are a little safer and less likely to bowl her over when they get bigger and make a great escape!
I think that is a great idea! I honestly couldn't think of how I would handle it, but that is a good idea. You could also say they are getting big and will be even bigger so for her own safety too, the gate will be locked now.
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