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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
It is pretty normal for them to express their own--seems like the smaller they are, the more successful they are at it. And when Ember and Cole were pups, if something startled them, you could smell the anal gland exudate. Evidently they thought if they really stunk, it would scare away whatever startled them! The good news is, if you can smell it, probably everything is okay. The bad news is, if everything is okay, you're gonna smell it now and then. Less as they get older, though, in many cases.

It's when they can't express their glands on their own that you have a problem with impaction. Our very first setter had that problem--needed his anal glands expressed at the vet frequently and eventually they got infected. We did have them removed, and that did fix the problem, but the surgery is a bit risky (you can end up with a fecally incontinent dog, for instance ) and not to be done unless things get pretty bad.
Thanks for your wisdom Hazel! that was my feeling, because I could see him biting or licking whatever he did and then the smell came - oh my I just think of the smell and makes me a bit nauseous lol - but the vet (the conventional one) told me that whenever it smelled to bring him by to be expressed, and it is just too painful to do that to such a little guy. And I think Bestia doesn't like the smell either he goes away from us when he smells, well either that or now he thinks he will be going to the vet

Yes she mentioned the surgery to a very last resort, but also putting such a small dog under anesthesia is dangerous too, my guy was the rant of the littler his siblings were twice his size, but he is just full of love.
I will have to observe Guero and see how he is in the next couple days, I notice too the rubbing sometimes happens pre and post pooing, or when he is very excited, like waiting for treat I am also watching over his teeth as some of the baby teeth seem to be holding on, so we may have to get him check for that too.

I don't know how you do it with 8 bundles of joy!
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