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I will try somethings...

I spent my whole day yesterday reading and reading about anal glands, and watching videos! there is so much information and contradicting info as well (like with everything else), some say you should express them, some say you shouldn't.

I do have to say, one thing that did resonate with me, is that maybe they shouldn't be expressed too often, I know some groomers will do it every time the dog goes in, and well is not a pleasant thing for them to be getting their behind squished so much!

I notice the smell comes after he has been working on his butt himself, so maybe he sort of expressed them himself? I looked for the glands last night and they didn't feel inflamed or anything, very normal, and the smell is gone too, I do have to say in the process of looking for them I got my self a little bit of the liquid on my finger I have never washed my hands so much! I also thought I would check Guero, as I had seen him rubbing his butt on the carpet, and his do feel bigger than Bestia, but there is no smell and his poops are regular and big (buy does he ever poop!) so I don't know if maybe just the glands are bigger on him, I have not touch that many dogs to know if they come in different sizes

I have also read that a compress with warm water and epsom salts twice a day, for a few minutes will help, so I am going to try this, I am also going to try and find the silicea remedy and see how that works. As well as modifying some things on their diet. I will see how the next couple days go with this, and then book a consultation with the vet, I recently switched to homeopathic vet, which I am happy with, I just wish there more holistic vets everywhere and a bit more affordable. (Her charges are $95/per half hour consult, per pet! ).

Apparently small dogs tend to have these issues more, but I have to say, I find it a bit coincidental that Bestia had always been good with everything, util he was given antibiotics a year ago, that is exactly when this issue started.

My pet store guy sent me this video about anal glands (its just an info video not a gross one )
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