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So here the thing for today, when I leave for work in the morning DH is still in bed ( that's actually my I'm jealous face....) so the pups go out on the back porch with a carrot each and some toys to spend some time until daddy gets up. They love being outside for the most part, so it's not a big deal.

The "thing" comes in the form of a very nice lady who lives a block away who walks past the house, and she lets herself into the yard and up onto the deck to say hello to the puppies. She's very cautious about making sure they don't get out, she has a very old dog of her own that is not usually with her because she goes for a long walk in the mornings. So I'm not worried about her intentions, or about her letting the pups out by mistake, but when she leaves they get all upset and fussy and that wakes DH.

Of course part of me doesn't care if he gets woken up because it's already normally at least 3 hours after I've been woken up.... argh.... Should I just politely ask her not to come in because it upsets the pups when she leaves? I know I should tell her, but the thought of it makes me feel bad. She just adores them. Well she's super nice to us too!
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