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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
garlic and onions are not safe for dogs , the beans can absorb the juices from the onions and garlic. I would check with your vet and see what they think . I loves onions and garlic too and miss not having a good Mexican restaurant to go to.
I don't put much onion just a little slice and sometimes nothing, the important one if the garlic (for gas), other than that they do not have any kind of contact with onions. Garlic though, is good for both people and dogs... there is a lot of contradicting information on it and I guess is a personal choice I don't grab garlic and give it to them but they do get some foods once in a while that have been cooked with a little garlic, I am not saying I know it all but I have never had a problem with it

When I was growing up we had a dog (cocker spaniel) who only ate food cooked by mom, nothing else (even if you had a big juicy steak in your hand, if it was not cooked by mom she wouldn't take it), and that meant the food was made with anything and everything we eat, and she had a long life, and even though the last few years of her life she had what we think was cancer in the uterus, she never ever looked sick, I think she lived 16 years or so...

My mexican restaurant here is my Mom's house
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