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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
GF, I'm laughing at your pics of them playing hard. This morning Nikki was pounding on Lupa behind the love seat. Then Nikki came out and I could hear Lupa crying a bit. I went to look and see if he had hurt her back there, and she was laying on her side stuck under the sofa! I guess from the position she was in she couldn't pull herself back out and was just laying there crying pathetically. I had to lift if up so she could get out. Poor thing. Our pups are rough on each other aren't they my friend.
Is there any way you can block that off until the puppies are too big to get stuck? Poor puppy! This is my biggest fear not being able hear Marty crying if I have my hearing aid off.

GF that was just the looks Marty had on his face when he saw the wild turkey! LOL! I love to check out this thread to see your dogs, I thinks all the dogs here are great.
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