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Originally Posted by Marty11 View Post
Quite common for groomers to express the glands with their regular grooming esp for little dogs. My experience with my manchester, I had to feed a normal grain diet because on the grain free his stool was too small and it didn't stimulate the anal glands. As soon as he ate a grain diet such as Acana or any normal kibble with rice or oats or barley in it, it increased the stool size. You don't want small or soft stools. I have recently tried NRG on another dog and that makes bigger stools. I have seen a dog have their anal glands removed. This was done on a toy manchester after several infections.
Thanks Marty, I don't think my pet store carries NRG but I will definitely look into it and they can always do special orders for me - I love my pet store! - His poops aren't really too small, I'd say pretty normal for him, but I do notice that sometimes he doesn't drink as much water as he should, and I think it also affects him with pooping more often. I remember asking the vet about the surgery the very first time it happened, and she actually said it had a lot of risks specially for such a little guy, and that sometimes the side effects to this procedure are worst than having them expressed once in a while.
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