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Impacted anal glands

Last year Bestia started to have problems with his anal glands, not a good smell after the second time we went to the vet to get the glands expressed, she told me to give him a little bit of pumpkin everyday, which did help with more regular poops, but it also started to soften them. So, another trip to the vet once the smell returned.

At that time I was feeding him kibble (blue buffalo) after doing many hours of reading I switched him to Primal raw and dehydrated formula, the meat comes in little nuggets which makes it easier for portions for a little puppy like him (5.2 lbs), I also give him veggies, fruits, lentos, beans, eggs,etc... and sometimes he gets some cheerios too he loves them!

I still give him a little bit of pumpkin once in a while but not much, because I don't want to make his poop soft either. Today I noticed that unpleasant smell again - oddly enough I gave him some pumpkin the last few days - so we will have to take another trip to the vet to get his glands expressed; I don't do it my self because he is so small I wouldn't want to hurt him, I tried once to do it from the outside but nop, it just didn't work for me. The last time he had them expressed was December I think, this would have been about 2 months after we switched his food, and I do have to say the liquid was much less than the other times.

I am wondering if anyone knows what I can do to help him with this? I have been looking online for homeopathic remedies, and I found a couple: Myristica and Silicea, I also read that omegas are helpful, I do have fish oil that I spray on their food sometimes but Bestia doesn't seem to like fishy smells and wont eat much of the food, even when I give him his turkey and sardine nugget I have to mix in a bit of coconut oil to take out the sardine smell a bit. He is a very picky eater.

I just want to do anything I can to help him either take away this problem or minimize it as much as possible, its painful for him and for me, when he has to get the glands expressed .
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