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Roo might be a bit gobsmacked if he saw a wild turkey too, Barkingdog. It would be bigger than him also. Certainly outweigh him. You know, I was thinking he was going into a lean stage too, DD, thinking of upping his food, but he's a solid nuggety little chunk if you pick him up and I can barely feel his ribs, so it may just be a leggy stage. His breeder did say that he would go leggy, that Ginger's pups do that. I don't want to mess up his hips by putting too much weight on anyway. That is funny about Nikki crashing back to earth , Roo never tries to jump for birds, just tears around the garden after them.
Glad you like Roo's looks, Hazel. We were lucky with him, and very lucky with Jarrah, who has a beautiful head.
In the first photo you can just see how he gets his hackles up when she stalks him. In one wrestling match this morning she did hurt him so I am going to have to make her back off a bit.
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