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Originally Posted by Melovescats View Post
I don't know what to do. Can anyone recommend food low in phosphorous that cats seem to like.
I wouldn't worry about phosphorus levels right now, the most important thing is that she eat. Anything. Don't limit yourself to cat food either: try plain meat baby food (make sure it doesn't contain onions or onion powder), plain unsweetened yogurt, plain boiled or broiled chicken breast or thigh, canned low-sodium salmon, various cat treats..... whatever it takes. I find sprinkling pulverized freeze-dried meat (like PureBites or Whole Life) on top of some highly palatable canned food (try Fancy Feast pate, or Hill's A/D) often does the trick.

What phosphorus binder are you using? Some don't taste that good to cats and could put them off their food.

Here's a website that has more tips on dealing with an inappetant cat:

If none of the above work, perhaps talk to your vet about trying an appetite stimulant.

Good luck! I'm dealing with an anorectic cat myself right now so I know what you're going through.
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