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Not sure what to do... I took Neko to the vet because of his limping and looking like he was in some sort of pain (because his back has been slightly arched when he walks)

The Vet said he had a small fever (103) and felt around and thought he may have a pain in his leg... so he gave him a shot of antibiotics and sent him home, Neko has still been under the weather but seemed to be slightly improving by his mood. He is eating... well, but not as well as he had been. I actually felt he was improving up until yesterday...

He was previously eating raw chicken and rabbit. Then he decided not to touch the raw very much, so I got him fresh pet select. SO he has been eating that, up until yesterday I gave him rabbit (I have followed Dr. Pierson's recipe to the T!) - by night time he was limping again! I wonder if there is something in the food... maybe a vitamin that is causing him to be sick? I rather not play around with his food too much and right now I am thinking of tossing all the raw and keeping him on fresh pet select!

I just do not know what else it could be! We will be going to the vet again tomorrow if they can fit him in and hopefully they can run some blood work to identify if there is something causing this!
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