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Unhappy My CKD diagnosed cat won't eat, so I'm looking for a good Low Phosphorus food.

My Missy was diagnosed with CKD little over a weeks ago. Her doctor could only see one kidney by way of xray. She was very ill, so she spent 4 days hospitalized. During her stay she received fluids through IV. However, we could not get her to eat. They eventually syringed fed her. She looked so much better by day 2 of her stay. Upon her release her doctor recommended sub cutaneous fluid treatment twice a week and be placed a special diet and something to bind the phosphorous.

She's been home five days now and I cannot get her to eat. I've tried Prescription K/D and Felin Renal modified, in dry and wet formulas. The most I get her to do is a couple of licks of food. So, I've been giving her old food, which she eats only a few kibbles.

I don't know what to do. Can anyone recommend food low in phosphorous that cats seem to like.
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