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Welcome, Jul. Your place sounds like mine...7 dogs, 2 cats, 2 ponies, 15 sheep and a cockatoo. Fun being owned by so many, isn't it? Re your cat. Don't know what would have caused her problem but I had a dog do something very similar. Came in, vomited a bit, then rushed to me, evidently in distress, and landed on his belly at my feet, front legs stretched out, ditto for the back legs. Totally out to it! I assumed he'd choked too, although he had made a strange sound when vomiting so my vet actually thought he may have been having a type of seizure. Don't know whether he was right and only once more in his life did it happen, that time he got straggery, then keeled over sideways. This made the vet believe the blood was being cut off (to his brain, or heart)somewhere. Let's hope it doesn't happen to your cat ever again.
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