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That's the weird part

The initial spay incision and the hernia repair incision supposedly were not infected, but there was an allergic reaction to the dissolvable sutures used that started 12 days after the spay. The hernia repair suture was actually worse and oozed a clear liquid, but both sites had huge lumps at the suture knot points.

The second surgery on Wednesday was done to remove those suture knots in both incisions.

The infection that required the third surgery was in the spay incision this time and the hernia repair incision is (as of this moment anyway) doing well.

The vet today told me that the abdominal wall incision was uncompromised and healing, so I guess the depth of the current wound is no more than to the subcutaneous layer. Bad enough, though. I'm having a difficult time picturing how this is going to look and work over the next month or so.

Thank you guys for replying, I appreciate it!
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