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I decided to stick to the 15 ppm colloidal silver in part because of the unavailability of a higher one but on the other side 15 ppm seems to be working just excellent so why fix what's not broken huh?
You might be just right and it's the quality and the particle size what counts.
The thing is it's working, assisted by coconut oil and it's working too. Bu is a 100% healed, Yoshimi almost there and the cow's face is 100% healed just a spot on his neck that is growing hair but still lacking some fur, no scaly skin or scabs at all though.
I didn't use the thistle because I just did what that breeder did with the ketoconazole and limited the treatment to 6 days only. That gave The Cow a huge boost without hurting him.
I think I'll be able to leave the kitties healthy and with a healthy skin after all.
Soon I'll be posting a video of all the crew in Mexico. They're so cute
I love them BIG time, as much as I love Mulder, Scully and Bobandy back in Canada.
Now we just wait for the MTG and by then like you said the problem will probably be close to none. but still I'll leave it here just in case.
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
- Robert A. Heinlein
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