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Well I know for a fact that Cegep of Sherbrook in Quebec, thats exactly who sponsors de classes. Like I said, the reason being, they are the only ones doing ''research'' on dog food and nutrition.
I also have a childhood friend that graduated as Vet at Guelph uni in Ontario, I could ask her who gave the classes, but she also confirmed they had very minimal knowledge on Nutrition.

This is how research works for almost ANYTHING in life.
Because research costs alot of money (100 of thousands), no one does it for fun or personal satisfaction. They research to have results and those results Must payback the research and make money. (dont forget we live in a capitalist world). Thats why Pharmaceuticals is HUGE. They pay huge dollars for research, but man do they ever make it back.

Kibbles are the equivelent of pharma pills. They have reps going around Veternarie clinics trying to sell them their food as the best '' Vet expensive food''. Another of my friends works as a vet tec here in Ileperrot,Qc tho she did not study as a tech, but told me that all these companies, Hills, Royal canin etc come in with reps and tries to sell their food because of this and this study showing that this and this ingredient is important. Shes not into Raw Food, but she admits they mostly all contradict themselves. One says one ingredient is good, and the other says its not. Shes cocky, so she has fun with them askings lots of questions.
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