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Originally Posted by marcushaw View Post
happy to hear people think the same as me.

Ive research the Université de Montreal and its courses for vets, and you can have access to the classes they have. I found 2 related to nutrition.
Ive also had a girlfriend in the past that did CEGEP (college) for Vet Tech, and had if I remember well 2 classes in 3 years.

And guess what the best part is, Cegep and University nutrition classes are sponsored and given by who ??? Dr.Hills...why? because they are the only that have '' research'' to backup these classes.

Talk about conflict of interest.....
One of the vet that treated my dog told me that she only knew about Hill dog food as they helped pay her cost for vet collage. Another vet told that she think Hill dog food is not very good.
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