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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post

First this dog was Lab from champion bloodlines:

Then he's part Mastiff, part Labrador:

And in both those threads above AKA registration is quoted which is meaningless for a purebred dog in the U.S. where the registration is AKC or in Canada where it is CKC, for Canadian Kennel Club.

Next you say you thought he was a Mastiff but now you've read the papers and he's Malinois, no mention of any cross with another breed at all:

Now he is a Malinois cross, no mention of what he crossed with, this pup that came from champion Lab in your first thread.

In these threads and in several others many people have offered tips and advice, the recommendation of training classes being made over and over.

This poor little puppy was three months old on your Jan 21, 2013 thread so he is only four months old now. Who in the world accepted your puppy for agility training? Are you doing it yourself, on your own? Do you know he is too young for the stresses of jumping and weave poles? You would be far better off getting him into a regular puppy class where you can learn how to handle this dog. A four month old puppy does NOT need extreme exercise. He needs moderate exercise and training. All the actions you say he displays are normal puppy behaviour.
No I posted incorrect thought he had been Mastiff. My paper say A.K.A Belgian Malinois crossed with black labrador if only I could scan to prove it but that is not appropriate for site I am doing everything possible with him. No I am not doing the agility training myself and since pulled him out and now he is going to begin obedience training thanks everyone for your input
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