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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
More companies are allowing people to bring their pets to work as it help the people work better. When I had my hearing dog I took him to doctors apointments with me and some DR. would ask to pet him and they told me they felt better. Of course i told the DR. I would send them a bill! No you're not crazy for loving your pets. I am sorry to hear about the lost of your brother .
Yah here you only see pups at stores and other places if they are service dogs, but other than that nop, my boy friend takes bestia sometimes, but thats because he works in a very small office where the owners bring their dog all the time hopefully things change in the future and I can bring them to more places, or I shall open my own business and then is all fixed.

N thinks I am crazy sometimes because I am always making sure the have regular poops lol a common question around my house is did he poop?
Dogs don't need to talk, their life is their message ~ unknown.

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