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Hi SCM! Yes Tabitha does have renal disease.

My concern has not been about eating. Tabitha has been 6 pounds all her life and her weight never changed more than an ounce or so(until recently). She is quite petite. She currently wats a bit of dry in a "mobility diet" from the vet which I consider more of a treat than anything because she eats so little of it.

She was converted over to wet approx 5 yrs ago and was and still is a very finicky kitty with wet. I have learned to change it up as far as the protein is concerned or she just wont eat it. She is give a 3 oz can every day but she rarely eats all of it.

She has not stopped eating yet?? and she has always eaten this little so thats why I am not sure if I want to try it. They also said that it creates like a euphoric type side effect where she may be vocal etc...I dont think I want to put her through that.

My regular vet mentioned metacam in small doses but also understood my concern because I am pretty sure that is what made us loose Bomber. She said when we talk next week we can discuss options.

SCM Tabitha's fpl is pretty high @ 44.00 .

As for the urine specific gravity she was dilute the last time we ran the urince culture and sensitivity. If I remember correctly is was something like 1020?? not 100% sure. We could not get a urine sample from Tabitha this round but we knew for sure she had an infection so she just treated it. She also mentioned that if she had something lilke pancreatitius the Orbax would help with that.

I am trying to figure out how to post the report here...

Thanks SCM!

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