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Questions about Mirtazapine

Tabitha is having some issues and I am wondering if anyone has had any experiences using Mirtazapine? My regular vet is away for a week and I received a call from one of her partners today. I recently had Tabitha in as I suspected a urinary infection which we are treating with Orbax. In addition we ran a full panel of blood work since its been a couple of yrs. It does not appear to be very good. I have been told to ensure that she gets Tumal K or potassium along with the antibiotic.

The partner vet thought that Tabitha should maybe get some of the Mirtazapine to increase her appetite?? I havent finished reading yet but alot of the stuff indicates that it is an anti depressant more than an appetite stimulant. I am also concerned that if she has renal issues then will this cause her more problems??

Her current weight is 2.36kg

Her test results showed that she likely has pancreatitus as well. I was concerned about some of the higher numbers in the blood work.

For example
Urea Tabitha 21.60 Normal range 5.0 - 13.0
Creatinine Tabitha 297 Normal range 49-173

The rest of the test I am not 100 % sure on what it all means. Her thyroid was on the low side but I am not sure if that is a concern.

I will speak to my regular vet next week but as I am sure you all would be worried.

I am hoping Sugarcatmom or Growler may have heard of this medication.

She has been on the antibiotic for about 3 days now and seems to be feeling a bit better....she doesnt appear as grumpy!!
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