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I deleted my own thread and comments. My puppy Moses has diarrea first on blue buffalo that had been good then the runs started. I went to pet store and the owner sold me another brand of dog food which is also holistic and contained fruits, veggies and #7 ingredient flax he also sold me an enzyme which only increased his diarrea. Now I have returned him to Orijen all good here is the kicker Moses loves his other food i.e. banana, apple, oranges, pineapple, baby carrots and finally he loves organic lettuce. He also drinks allot of water having typed all of this because his poop returned to normal and I gave him his other food too now he is constantly pooing. I am wondering if I should discontinue the other food. He is also on probiotics. My vet mentioned that he had not gained very much weight his food intake now is slightly over 6 cups per day given twice daily and 1 probiotic. He had eaten banana, orange and lettuce yesterday Sunday. In my other thread I posted he is bloated not so that is because he has full belly other then that he is normal.
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