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So just coming back in to update on this situation in case anyone "searching" TPLO is interested in what happened.

We actually decided against surgery at this time for our beautiful Zoey. For starters, being winter, the rehab would have been far too difficult and getting her in and out to do business on the snow/ice would have been challenging. Also, had not always heard of good results and the people I spoke to who did have favorable results had very laid back dogs to begin with. Zoey is high energy...leash walking is dangerous to whomever is holding the leash We do have a pool and will keep her moving this summer when it is too warm to walk so that might be a welcome break. We will reevaluate in the fall and see how she is doing.

What we did do, however, if buy her a knee brace and now she is known in the woods as the bionic dog. No one there can see any reason to operate on her when she is clearly in no pain and having the time of her life tearing through the woods.

She does get a cartrophen injection once a month and we do have Previcox if she seems to be very uncomfortable. She rarely needs any. We do give her sardines every 2-3 days. They are supposed to be an anti inflammatory. Don't know if they work but she sure loves them.

So far don't regret our decision and I am sure Zoey concurs. If her quality of life deteriorates or she seems in a a great deal of pain then of course we will do what we have to do but for now we are just taking it one day at a time and enjoying long beautiful walks/runs in the woods!!!
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