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Barkingdog, my last red male cattle dog was just the best show dog I could have had, but I told Roo's breeder that she'd given me something that Perkins wasn't, and that's a photogenic dog. I rarely get bad photo's of either Roo or Jarrah, just could rarely get good ones of Perkins.
Young Roo is in for a shock soon. At the moment he has the shelties barely holding their own against him
BUT Jarrah may be going to come in season , and once they have her to follow, their patience with the pup will be very limited. Matthew looks serious in this first photo but never hurts the pup, however when Jarrah stands up to 'play' with Roo it usually means she is getting fed up with him. This final photo is one of Roo's stealth attacks, maybe he told Bo to distract her with a mouth licking so he could get her tail?
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