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Dogs Understanding words

Just wondering how many words/sentences your dogs understand. I think Bayley's got a pretty good understanding of words.

She's pretty good at names too. It's funny how I can say something and she'll do it. The other morning, the cats had left a few smidges of food in their bowl so I scraped it into her bowl while she was outside. When I let her in the porch, I told her that I put some stuff in her bowl, she went right to it. She knows 'go find me something' go get Noella..I think that's a fave, bring me your kong, Jacy's here (her dogwalking person), ok the nurse is coming, she knows to go jump up on my bed. There's probably more but that's all I can think of. The cats are pretty good too, they all know their names. Noella learned mousie and birdie pretty darned quick! I think she's the smartest, could be street smarts
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