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I'm saving this information.
I really appreciate you taking the time and concern to ask around. I really do
Bookmarked info for sure . Who would have thought a horse product even more when cats are so delicate. This is just awesome! I'm really happy. I'm going to look around here. In a couple of weeks I'm going back to Calgary and if anything I'll mail it here to my mom in case of very unwanted future outbreaks.
The things we learn through this.
In the mean time I stumbled across an article by a cat breeder (persians to be specific) she had a serious fungal problem in her cattery and with the assistance of 3 vets she administrated a ketoconaloze pills treatment.
She mentions that kittens in between 4 to 6 months old only take it for no more than 5 days. In here the cow had to take ketoconazole suspension the dose was lower than the pills so I gave it to him for 1 week (as opposed to 30 TO 45 DAYS!!! I was told at the vet) and let him rest for 2 weeks and IF needed administrate another week. I must say to the ketoconazole's favor his skin cleared alot, assisted by topical treatments of colloidal silver of 15 ppm and terbinafine cream every 12 hours.
For Yoshimi ketoconazole was TERRIBLE, she got sick after only 2 takes of it but it worked for the cow. His skin is WAY healthier now.
Just like people no one can be on an antifungal ORAL treatment for an extended period without having consequences for the liver it just makes perfect sense to me you have to be even more careful with a cat. They need to rest so organs can clean themselves.

With only silver and terbinafine Yoshi's and Bu's skin are clearing and growing hair.
I've been reading reviews and I'm SO looking for M-T-G

BTW On a side note my grandpa used to buy a cream for horses for muscle pain to use it on us and it worked wonderfully. It was smelly but very effective.
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