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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
I'd bring food she's feeding Royal Canin . Kinda hard to control who would be eating it though since it's free fed.

You can always contact her for a meet n' greet see what kinda vibe you get from her before you are going away
I would want to know if there are a fire sprinkler system there encase a fire broke out and no one is around to get the cats out. And if the cat got hurt or sick what vet does it taken to .

A test run is a great idea. I did this with my last dog. I brought Finlay to a kennel to see him to would do there as I was going to
Mexico for a week . I left my dog at the kennel for 4 hours and when I got back the owner said my dog spend the whole time jumping up and down at gate looking for me. I was told my dog would give himself a heart attack or end at vet while I was gone,
I never made it to Mexico .
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