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Welcome to the forum Luccistar,

Breeding in general and breeding exotics has always been a touchy issue around here because many regular members are huge into rescue and there are simply too many unwanted animals in shelters.

When it comes to exotics...we regularly hear stories of the wrong people adopting exotics and then abandoning them. Based on a bit of research Servals and wolves for example make lousy pets for nearly all pet owners. In the quest for newer 'exotica' in general...people make the wrong impulsive pet buying choices. (I don't know anything about foxes though)

So at the end of the day most members feel badly when these types of pets are so regularly abandoned.

But the word 'exotic' is a really wide term. I agree with you that in general people are selective about which pets they deem 'too' exotic. For me, a ferret is an exotic pet but we rarely get people getting excited about people owning ferrets.

This can be an extremely interesting thread if it stays civil.

many thx in advance.
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