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I've considered either having a friend/neighbour check in on them, or leaving them with my parents. My concern is neither my parents nor friends that are close by can be considered "pet people". They certainly wouldn't be comfortable handling the cats. And I'm thinking the chance of my cats dashing out are about the same regardless of who is opening the door; it's what happens immediately afterwards that's important - at least a pet sitter should be experienced enough to be able to handle the resulting situation better? I can just picture my parents running around trying to catch two elusive cats, lol... I find that scenario both funny and scary.

There are so many little things I would need to educate a potential sitter on, I would need at least a 30 minute initial consultation to get them educated.

I was thinking of maybe doing a test run over a weekend i.e. use a sitter for one night, and see how it goes.
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