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Originally Posted by tezster View Post
Thanks for all the feedback

To be honest, I'm not sure how my cats will behave in a new environment - they're quite friendly, and behave comfortably with guests around, but it's not like I have people over everyday. I'm more inclined to choose pet sitting at this point. Newt has a very relaxed demeanor and I think she'll be fine, but I can imagine Newton getting restless without sufficient stimulation.

The kitten is chipped, but not his mom (I'll get that done eventually). I wonder if I'll get charged extra if the cats dash out the door, and the sitter has to spend 20 minutes chasing them around and get them back inside?
I think you should have to pay less if the sitter let your cats out. This is my biggest concern as I read so many stories about people pets escaping when they have a pet sitter.
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