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I have a 3-4 week old guinea pig bought from a register breeder

Hi everyone I'm new to this site as of today and I'm seeking info I just brought home a 3-4 week old teddy bear guinea pig from a registered breeder he's heathy and weighs the proper amount! "Ted" my baby male guinea pig I only bought him and my hubby will only allow one will he be ok without a cage mate?
I'm a stay at home mom and once he gets bigger I'm getting him a c & c cage for our loving room so he gets a lot if attention from the family if anyone has any info or recommendations for him please let me know and please keep in mind were only allowed one cause my hubby don't really like small animals he let me
Get him cause me and the kids wanted one!

Ted is so cute and right now he's the size of my hand he's small cause he's only a baby.
***Also I was wondering if there's anyone out there that can give info about his loud chirping is there away to control that causes don't want the hubby to tell be to get rid of him cause I'm already attached to my piggie! He doesn't chirp to loud yet but I wanna see if there's away to control it let me know please any info would be great!

Is yesterday's newspaper needing ok for him? Or what would you recommend? I have Timothy hay and veggies and fruit and pellets he's spoiled and will have two cages!
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