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when I brought Noella in to my place with 3 older cats it went pretty well. I her separated for about a week until she settled and went to the vet. Now we didn't have much in the line of problems as far as getting along went. Probably cause Noella is the only girlie. She was a little pain in the butt cause pretty much as soon as I brought her in the house, she went into heat!! Maybe that helped, I don't really know. The first few days, she could come in for a little while then she'd go back in the porch to give everyone a break. That's pretty much what I did each time I brought in another cat. Worked very well, even with introducing adult males. Nino was my biggest challenge so we had to put up with the arguments, lots of noise and smacking but never any blood drawn. You could try some pheromone spray Feliway or something like that, you can also get collars that have calming herbs and pheromones in them. I used the collars for Nino and they worked really well.
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