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I know all dogs sniff some more than others. I also know dogs use their nose for much of the same reson we use our eyes. Recently my little terrier has been doing nothing but sniffing. She sniffs evey room on the floors, baseboards, the air, blankets etc. Even when it's bed time she's laying down with her little sniffers going.
Anyone have any ideas on this. It seems to be a new behavior. Do she smell mice? Do she have allergies? Is she looking for food (has access to her food all day).Could it be a more serious problem?

Side notes: shes 3 yrs old, iv noticed since she finished antibotics 2 weeks ago for diarrhea that she visits her water dish and food bowl more often but not a huge increase in water or food intake -she will not eat or drink at all unless we are home with her which is her normal behavior. She's playful and seems to be a happy dog.
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