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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Wow, only $290 in Sas.? I was quoted around $400 5 years ago and it went up to $600 with added bloodwork, which I would definitely do. To neuter a boy, not spay. Make sure to ask what bloodwork is included or what extra price there is for it.

Some Vets will really pressure you to do the deed too soon and will up their prices after 6 months. Some charge by the weight of the dog but one Vet doubled the price. Something else to ask about.
Yikes! and I thought 290 was a lot... I guess our city really wants us to neuter our pets See, last year when Bestia was neutered, he also had all his baby teeth removed because the new teeth were already out (apparently this is common in yorkies) and I still don't remember paying more than 300 for the whole thing.

One thing we do have is really big fines though, if your dog is to ran out and taken to the humane society, if its not spayed/neutered and licensed you can pay fines of up to 500-600.
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