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older cat not adjusting to kitten

Hi everyone I'm new.
I had two cats, one male older cat and one female kitten. They lived together for 5 years before the older male died. That female kitten (now 5) has lived her entire life with another cat so far.
When the old guy passed, my female started becoming incredibly needy. Waking me up every night at 1 am and continuing to meow/nudge me/paw at me until I got up for work at 4 am.
I couldn't do this anymore so I got her a kitten thinking she needed a friend. I adopted a little 8 week old female and my older cat does NOT like her.
Makes me sad because we can't all hang out and play and sleep together.. the new kitten also needs a lot of attention and I feel like I'm cutting my older female out sometimes...
is there any advice out there? I'm feeling sad and discouraged that they aren't best friends. I was reading about swapping their bedding which I will try.. and I read someone suggested putting the kitten in a room or cage to sleep at night, but what do you do if the kitten cries and meows while segregated? It's heartbreaking.
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