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Moving Forward...

I tried my best to believe. But there's something else is going on.
In fact, all the comment I've got from other Vet's through email communication is quite ambiguous and not clear.
The reason I was convinced Princess died from Distemper virus is because I did found some infected cases matches my dog's symptoms. Even though it's extremely rare the dog infected by distemper shows only two symptom - black stool and shaking violently. I did found one case online decribed by owner if it's description is precise.

Just got the result from the lab yesterday. Rather surprised......

So here's the briefing -

i) The First Vet - The clinic located inside a very huge nation wide Pet Store. Expensive, professional, well equipment.
( Princess - Diagnosis as Virus Infection Feb/20/2013. Wednesday )
ii) The second Vet - The regular Animal hospital lying on the corner of street. Claiming they can perform the surgery as in need. They charge regular price.
( Princess - Diagnosis as Distemper Feb/21/2013 Thursday )

iii) The third Vet - The clinic by Non-Profit Organization. Very professional, well equipment and the price is about 15% cheaper compare to regular private own clinic.
( Another lap-dog, Sophia lived with Princess for 4 years. She's not vaccinated as Princess. Same bed, same bowl. Same age, 5 years old. Feb/28/2013 Thursday )

I should take Sophia to Vet much earlier since she must continually threatened by those infections and distemper according the diagnosis from previous two Vet. But I was so depressed at that moment and this clinic by Non-Profit Organization are very difficult to make an appointment as well.
So I bring Sophia to this clinic in the afternoon on Feb/21/2013, Thursday. Even though Sophia looks healthy at the moment but I expected she already got some kind of infection just as Princess did. Especially the distemper almost like the Black Death among dogs. Even though she looks healthy so far but I don't expect too much and prepare for the worst.

Assistant checked both weight and temperture.

Danson ; May I ask you some question not related to Sophia?
Assistant ; Sure.
Danson ; If there was a chicken bone stuck inside the body and it lies parallel to the X-Ray beam. It could be very tricky to see it from the X-Ray, Right?
Assistant ; This will not be the case since we take the X-Ray from two point of view. One from the left and another one taken from the above. ( The X-Ray Princess took in first Vet for $200 but only one left view. I'm very surprised my dog able to get two point of view for $80 dollar here.)

Third Vet ; Hi
Danson ; Hello. I've got another dog died few days ago. Would you mind if I ask some questions about it's symptom?
TV ; I feel sorry for your lost. What happened to that dog?
Danson ; Princess ate some chicken bones few days ago....... ........ ......... ......... ........ shaking violently and liquids comes out from her month....... ................ then she past away.
TV ; What kind of liquid comes out from her mouth?
Danson ; It's clear and transparent, just like regular liquid from dog's mouth.
TV ; I don't believe it's distemper. Hard to tell yet but it's very likely something related to chicken bones.
Danson ; Well~~
TV ; What's wrong with Sophia? Is she healthy?
Danson ; Sophia looks healthy so far but her nose seems a bit dryer, a bit less energy. Sometimes her stool seems quiet normal but she got some black stool periodically. The black stool is just a layer of black thing cover from the outside. And I've got the sample with me here. This sample I collected in lunch time and leave it in refrigerator right away. Five hour from now.
TV ; I'm going to bring Sophia in for some test. The assistant will bring she back to you later.
Danson ; Thanks Doctor.

............. ...............

Assistant ; Hi, everything's done. Sophia is in Perfect health without any issues found.
Danson ; Really? Would you mind to ask the Vet again if she's sure Sophia she's not infected by distemper? (I'm very glad but getting little confused.)
Assistant back ; Yes, the doctor say she's 100% sure Sophia was not infected by distemper. If you still worry, we can send samples to the lab and it takes two days for the result.
Danson ; Yes, sure. I believe she's in perfect health but please send her sample to the lab and do as many test as you can. I just wanted to prove something.
Assistant ; No problem. We'll contact you in two days and give you the result.

Sophia was vaccinated in the Third Vet's clinic.

So....hum.... I've got the final result on March,02,2013 . Sophia is in perfect health.

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