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Julia, I am glad to hear Blaze's nose bleeds are a little better today. You will find support on this board. And lots of opinions.

You are making me cry alot today. Even though I lost my dear Shadow over a year ago, I miss her every single day. But as I say that I have my older girl Halo by my feet, and two new puppies (Alaskan Malamutes) who are tearing up the house as I speak . Your husband's heart is in the right place. I am the type that desperately needs another dog to fill the void left by the one that passes. I still had Halo, but my husband knows Halo is older and I think he was worried about being alone with no dog. He is retired (I am not) and is home with Halo all the time (Shadow had seperation anxiety and came to work with me daily for the last 8 years). Hubby was worried about being home alone as the dogs are a great comfort to him during the day. So we set out to find ourselves one Malamute and ended up with two. I have always had a new dog within three days of losing the other.

Don't think the worst though, you really don't know that Blaze is nearing the end, it could be a minor setback. Love him to pieces and do what you can for him in the meanwhile. Keep him comfortable and loved above all else.

Maybe when the time comes for Blaze to cross the bridge you could look at rescuing/adopting a dog that desperately needs a loving home. Blaze would want you to share your love with another dog in need I'm sure. Keep your heart open to it, it is amazing how dogs comfort us. When the time is right you will know. But like I said, stay possitive, Blaze will know if you allow yourself to get too depressed. Ten is not that old for a lab. Hold the faith my friend.
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