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Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
Is pork and beef ok to give to cats?
Unless you have a cat that can't tolerate them, pork and beef are absolutely okay for cats.

Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
I don't know where I would find kangaroo, venision or wild boar if pork is not suitable.
Kangaroo might be tough to find in Canada outside of a raw pet food supplier, but you can find lots of different meats at farmer's markets. I'm guessing you're in Ontario?

Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
I have tried going the commercial food route. I tried 2 different kinds, one was turkey and my cats hated it! and the other was in pucks and the 3 bags I opened were all freezer burnt so I never ended up feeding it to my cats (or leave the parking lot of the store).
Ya, freezer burn is rather unappetizing, but cats typically don't care. I just add some extra water to the meat while it thaws. I do prefer the vacuum-sealed packaging though, for that reason.

As for hating the turkey, sometimes it depends on what else is in the raw mix. My cats love turkey from one pet food company and not the turkey from another company. The second one even smells different to me (kind of musty, which might be from the psyllium husk that's added to it). So just because your cats didn't like one version doesn't mean they'll hate all turkey to the end of time. You just might have to experiment a bit. Also, my cats didn't always like everything I offered the first time I offered it. Kangaroo was initially a bust (probably because it was sooo different from everything else they were used to eating), but I tried again a few weeks later and this time it went over better. Now it's one of my cat's Favourite Food Ever.

Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
Do you know of any other recepies involving other meats?
You could try more of whole prey model diet, which doesn't tend to use supplements to the same degree as a ground diet. Try cornish game hen, quail, small rabbits. Holisticat has some descriptions of different ways to feed raw, with recipes:

There's also a way of feeding called Frankenprey, which cobbles together meat/organ/bone from various animals to come as close as possible to representing the nutrient profile of, say, a mouse. This can be handy when you can't always find the organs to match the muscle meat. For instance, you feed some venison with an appropriate amount of chicken liver and heart and maybe some lamb kidney, and then use chicken wings for the calcium. Requires more weighing, and you aim for a ratio of about 80% muscle meat, 10% organ, and 10% bone.

Here is some much more in depth discussion on that:
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