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I have 2 Bengals, half brother/sister from different litters 2 weeks apart... they are total opposites of one another:

Male: Laid back, not very socialable with people except myself for the first few months and as of recently he and hubs have bonded! He is a good eater/drinker mild mannered and for the most part well behaved. His only vise and glad it's his ONLY vise.... Wire chewing! Drives me batty! And very dangerous!

Female: I have changed her middle name on her TICA registration form to Trouble because I find I call her that most often then not. She is also hell bent on playing with hanging frames, gets into places she shouldn't be, I can no longer keep things out of her reach by simply putting it up higher cause she can jump onto 7ft with very little effort. I don't like her climbing onto dressers, counters and tables, but she tried to find me distracted and will do so IN FRONT OF MY FACE!

I love them both dearly though - and I thank the plastic gawds for making me a squirt bottle! And the Virobi (Vileda floor robot) she will not go anywhere near that thing! I just got it last week hoping it would help pick any small bits off the floor between cleanings, but it sucks! I was going to take it back but how awful is it that I am contemplating keeping this $50 device that doesn't work for me because it keeps my cat away from any place I put it?

I think they grow out of it as they mature and the old wives tales about how your cat calms down sfter it gets fixed? BALONEY!
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