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I think a trip to the vet maybe in order.

He is now bearing more weight on his back leg, but he must be in pain cause he is walking with his back slightly arched. Still having difficulty jumping off bed, toilet (which he uses instead of a litter box), chairs, and he has not in 3 days gone up to his cat house. He still tried to gallop (he doesn't run he litterally gallops and always has since kitten). I try and bring him relief by massaging his calf muscles and he outsreaches his legs for me and relaxes. So I am almost thinking it maybe sore muscles?

He is insured, so a vet visit really won't hurt the pocket book too much I hope and I get peace of mind (or I am hoping as this is not always the case! I still am convinced my other cat has asthma)! Since I have gotten these guys I have spent well over 2K on vet bills So I got them insured. I am however, thinking of bringing them in to a new vet.

Thoughts on hollistic vets?
Would there be some things I would bring my cats to a hollistic vet which may need a visit to a regular vet? Or are all the services the same, just treatment methods are a bit different?
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