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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
Low granulocytes & high leukocytes indicate he's fighting an infection that could at least partially explain the weakness.

The pain when touching his abdomen is also concerning - I would have the vet look further into this, perhaps an ultrasound if that's available to you?

let us know how your kitty is doing
Tomorrow I will get a additional screening. I think my doc have a ultrasound, if not, need to find one, but in big city is not a problem. On Thursday he get a shot painkiller in muscle and after this he was walking in the room, without any problems. I suspect a thyroid, that could cause a pain, but its only symptom, caused trough infection, maybe I get more tomorrow.
Hilo, the cat is today not really in mood, but the weather is changing and I was also not able to sleep good.
Thanks for the good vibes
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