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Hi Reg!

Thanks for the links!
To answer some of the questions you had...

Changes to Dr. Pierson's diet is the Taurine for heart, and the egg which she suggests cooking the white and add the egg whites cooked, or raw. They definately do not like it cooked! and I am not sure they are crazy about egg at all to be honest, but I know its good for them so I have played around with auantities to get some egg in their diet. I still use all the other vitamins, fish oil, water, etc... And as of late the change I make which is not advised or mentioned really is cooking the preperation.

I do grind the meat myself... bone is ground extra fine can't see any of it in the food and you gotta feel around in the food to see any. The chicken is mainly purchased at Costco so yes to supermarket meat but I try and get rabbit as fresh as I can.

No longer having loose bowel problems - switching to raw fixed that!
As far as stool samples... I have been down that route and have done 2 stool tests on both cats which they were both negative. I will have to reread my response in the morning to make sure I caught all your questions as I am dozing off as I write!
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