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Is pork and beef ok to give to cats? I mean I have never heard of feeding pig to cat but that would be close enough to wild boar wouldn't it?

I have tried turkey which got a big 2 paws down from my cats!

I would love to experiment with other meats, some of the ones you mentioned (except lamb) is pretty exotic. I don't know where I would find kangaroo, venision or wild boar if pork is not suitable.

I have tried going the commercial food route. I tried 2 different kinds, one was turkey and my cats hated it! and the other was in pucks and the 3 bags I opened were all freezer burnt so I never ended up feeding it to my cats (or leave the parking lot of the store). I found a place that sold this food called Raw Bold - comes in chicken, lamb, rabbit and beef. I am just not confident the establishment is knowledgeable in feline diet as I started buying this brand and when I called and enquired about all the ingredients used as only (the main meat and a mention of an organ or two was listed but nothing else) they informed me that the food was a balanced diet and contained the heart and kidney of the animal. Problem is, between rabbit and chicken neither has enough heart to provide the taurine a cat requires. So I decided to follow Dr. Pierson's diet instead.

Do you know of any other recepies involving other meats?
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