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Originally Posted by Ookami-ChanXP View Post
As far as Luna and her eating habits, she mostly eats dry food, but she prefers to eat wet food and treats.
What brand/flavour of dry?

If she prefers wet food, I'd suggest switching her to that. Best if it's a good quality wet food with little to no grains and no by-products (Wellness, Nature's Variety, Weruva, Precise, ZiwiPeak, are some decent brands). It will probably help her lose weight as well since you'll be feeding her scheduled meals. Once she loses some weight, she may want to play more!

It would also be better for your boys to eat wet food instead of dry since kibble is the number one cause of lower urinary tract disease and life-threatening blockages.

Here is a good website that discusses what cats should be eating:

Originally Posted by Ookami-ChanXP View Post
As for the other issue, Baby is spayed, but we haven't gotten Tigger or Sky neutered yet.
I really think it will help their relationship if Tigger and Sky were neutered. There may be some low-cost spay/neuter options in your area if you do some digging. I know here in Calgary, there's a program called SNAP that helps subsidize speuters for people that can't afford the full cost.
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