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As far as Luna and her eating habits, she mostly eats dry food, but she prefers to eat wet food and treats. We did have her looked at about the fur problem and the vet said there didn't seem to be anything terribly wrong with her, though they did suggest the Feliway. When it comes to playtime, she has no drive to do anything at all. The vet suggested that she should get more exercise and lose a few pounds because she is slightly overweight, but being over 10 years old she lays around a lot, and when the kittens try to play with her at all she kinda shrugs them off. I've tried to get her to play with strings and cat toys like she used to but she just ignores them We give her plenty of attention and she never seems to be anything but a happy old cat.

As for the other issue, Baby is spayed, but we haven't gotten Tigger or Sky neutered yet. They aren't showing any signs of aggression or trying to mate with our two females (both spayed), so we haven't done it yet, especially since we are very short on money at the moment. The two kittens do seem to want to nurse a lot still, even though they are older and happily eating solid food. Even though they are still trying to nurse on both older cats, they don't have to do anything but walk up to Baby and it seems like she's trying to attack them
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