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Originally Posted by Kittystylez View Post
My 8 month old Bengal Neko is for the most part very active, he runs around chasing my other Bengal and he is on a constant move.

He has fractured his left hind paw before (when he was about 4 months or so), and so a couple days ago when we noticed him not putting too much weight on his hind leg, we didn't make a big deal about it and chalked it up to possible weather pains, he was putting his paw on the floor and seemed to be bearing some wight on it although not much and his jumping to the floor from... say the bed was not as gracious as it generally is.

That night I noticed that when he goes from a walking to sitting position, he doesn't just sit down grasiously like he always has, he is going this tuck his legs underhis body with a hop/shift into a sitting position... weird!

This morning he seemed to be doing better and I was confident that he was getting better, but he has now gone back to lazy... and is just laying around, he is not limping on the left hind leg, but you can see he is straining a bit to walk. He jumps off the bed and lands on his face because even his front paws don;t seem to wanna hold his weight...

I have not taken him to the vet yet, because he is otherwise happy (he purrs for cuddles), he is alert, is eating/drinking.... and I am not sure the vet can do anything ay this point.

I am wondering if his muscles could be weak? Reacting to something in his diet or someting he may have eaten? Has anyone had this happen? Any ideas what this could be?

If he doesn't get better by Monday I may have to bring him in! Because I am at a loss here!

Any help is appreciated!!
The only help I can give you is to tell you to bring your poor cat to the vet.
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