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Poodles, like many breeds, were very inbred in the past. Mainly because people did not have access to the health testing we have today. In many breeds there is a very, very small gene pool and so health problems are hard to eliminate. Reputable breeders are doing their best to improve the situation.

There is something call The Poodle Project. It's all about genetics in poodles. I have read some of it. It's very complicated and I may never understand it all! You can google it.

In case anyone is interested, Dalmations - I am not sure if it was all - or most - had a problem with high uric acid. Some years ago a pointer was introduced to the breed and now there are low uric acid dals. I haven't studied up on this except I read that some LUA dals have smaller spots. I would call that a small price to pay.

If my friend is correct about the woman with the poodles advertised, she shows poodles and has been breeding for many years. I think she is fairly reputable but the story is that she is a bit odd and an acquaintance told me she is "bad news"; that she lives in a small house and her dogs are out barking all the time - and crated in the house. However, just because the woman is a flake -- it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with her dogs. I believe she does do health testing. I thought that if her dogs are healthy and have good temperament, it would be better off with me - than living in a crate most of the time with a "flake"!!

But - again -- we are only guessing as to who the person might be!
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