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Hello. My name is Julia.

I have a 10 year old black Lab named Blaze, that I adopted from the animal rescue center where he was abandoned just after birth. I cannot tell you how much I love this dog. He means everything to me. Several years ago he started getting "non cancerous" masses in various areas of his body. He has a very large one under his left front leg that he has learned to live with over the years. He has several smaller ones on his hip, etc. A couple weeks ago he started wheezing like a kid with asthma so we took him to the vet. They took xrays and found that he had a small mass on the bone right under his left eye. I had noticed that his eye kept running and when I wiped it he would flinch like it hurt. They took a sample and sent it out for biopsy. We have not gotten the results yet. This morning we noticed signs that his nose had been bleeding, which is a totally new development. We called the vet who said to keep our eyes on it and bring him in if he gets worth. Blaze also has arthritis and takes 2 tramadol tablets for pain twice each day. I told the vet that I am depending on them as professionals to tell me what I do not want to hear - which is when to let him go. I do not want me pet to suffer or be in pain because of my love for him. How will I know when I should let him go?
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