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Originally Posted by nljnky View Post
She has days with formed stool. She also has days of pure water poo.
Can you figure out any sort of pattern as to why some days are good and some are bad? Maybe keeping a log book that records what she was fed each day, what supplements she received, and what her stool was like? What types of meat do you feed her?

Originally Posted by nljnky View Post
I have tried probiotics, yogurt, pumpkin, green tripe. All of it makes the situation much worse.
Did you ever give the slippery elm bark a try? What brand of probiotics did you use?

Originally Posted by nljnky View Post
I was giving her 5mg prednisone every other day. I now give 2.5 mg every other day. Should I go back up?
How were her stools when she was on 5mg?

Originally Posted by nljnky View Post
Should I try hills z/d?
I don't really know what to say about that. If it were me, I'd still be inclined to try other options. For instance, I don't know what raw diet you're feeding but if you haven't gone the novel protein route (something she hasn't had before, like rabbit or ostrich or venison or even kangaroo) that's still an avenue to explore. Also, do you have a holistic vet in your area that could give you input? Has your kitty ever had an ultrasound? I suppose if you tried the Z/D and it did help, it might buy you some time to get this figured out. Maybe she wouldn't need to be on it forever?
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